A Seminar for Young Latter-day Saints in Europe

Seminar Overview

The 2017 EuroSeminar application has closed.

How might you play a role in the public sphere while balancing your faith as a Latter-day Saint in Europe? How can you meet the challenges in finding a positive role for religion in the society of Europe? And as a crucial example: what are the implications of the LDS response to the current crisis of refugees in Europe? These questions present challenges for many Latter-day Saints in Europe and require thoughtful and deliberate attention.

These are also the questions we will address at this year’s LDS Euroseminar. As we did at the successful first meeting in 2016, this second Euroseminar will also seek to give a group of young European Mormons a rigorous but intimate setting in which to consider the implications of their own faith. We invite participation by intellectually active LDS young people from across Europe and from all backgrounds. This includes students (undergraduate and graduate), aspiring scholars, and young professionals. The seminar will be highly interactive and will involve close discussion with senior LDS scholars and professionals from Europe. It requires English-language fluency and readiness to read sophisticated preparatory material. It will appeal to those who desire to work with fellow Latter-day Saints on a sustained basis to engage the increasingly complex world around them.

The seminar will be held 14–16 December 2017, at the BYU London Centre. It is co-sponsored by the London Centre and BYU’s Wheatley Institution. Housing and meals will be provided at no cost to seminar participants. Limited funds are available to help cover travel costs to London.